Kid vs. Squid paperback delayed

Hello, reading people!

It has come to my attention that some people are starting to place pre-orders for the paperback edition of Kid vs. Squid. Naturally, such activities warm the cockles of my heart. (I don’t actually know what cockles are, or what they are doing in my heart. Give me a sec while I go look it up. Huh. Turns out cockles are a small kind of saltwater clam. I have saltwater clams in my heart. And they are warm.)


My publisher is delaying the release of the paperback edition, hopefully to occur some time after the release of my next hard cover, The Boy at the End of the World. I’m not sure when the Kid vs. Squid paperback will be rescheduled, but when I know I’ll be sure to announce it here.

In the mean time, let us all enjoy our cardiac clams.

One Response to “Kid vs. Squid paperback delayed”

  1. Maya

    I could see Cardiac Clams as a comic strip, or the title of a chapter in a new book. *pokepoke*

    So long as the books come out, I’m willing to be patient. Maybe.

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