Discount! Limited-Time Offer! Bargain! AAAAGH! – The Boy at the End of the World for Nook and Kobo

Peddle Powers: Activate!

The Boy at the End of the World — which is a book I wrote about a boy at the end of the world with a broken robot friend and a cloned pygmy mammoth who poops a lot, plus giant killer death parrots and philosophy and ruminations on loneliness — is currently discounted for Nook ($5.00 at Barnes and Noble) and for Kobo ($4.99 at Kobo.com). Offer ends July 5.

Don’t know if there’ll be a discount for Kindle or any other formats, but if there are, why wouldn’t I tell you? I mean, of course I’ll tell you. I’m the teller.

Peddle Powers: Deactivate!


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