Interview: Adventures in SciFi Publishing

I had a great time talking to Shaun Farrell on the Adventures In SciFi Publishing podcast. I always have a great time talking to Shaun. Shaun was one of the first writers I met when I moved to San Diego, and since he moved, I’ve missed our occasional meet-ups for coffee or pizza and beer and conversation. What kind of jerk moves? Seriously.

Our conversation this time around, recorded and podcast for your listening, covers The Boy at the End of the World, writing middle-grade novels, Comic-Con, the closing of Borders, and a rant about Data and the emotion chip.

Also some good stuff on the podcast that has nothing to do with me.

2 Responses to “Interview: Adventures in SciFi Publishing”

  1. Steven Klotz

    Enjoyed the podcast. It was a bit crazy how much the trio poured out about their souls and ambitions and insecurities at the start of the episode. That would have been tough to follow if it hadn’t been recorded after the interview. Editing is enough like time travel to occasionally give me the willies.

    After hearing more about The Boy at the End of the World I’ll totally be devouring my copy this weekend. (by that I mean read.) I must say that I was particularly excited to hear about the upcoming Osteomancer’s Son Trilogy. Multiple squees.

    • Greg

      Hey, Steven.

      Hey, if I’d been part of the conversation preceding the interview, I would have been pouring out plenty of soul and insecurity. Sometimes I think I have more insecurity now than I did before I was published.

      I really hope you enjoy The Boy at the End of the World, and thanks for the encouraging squee about Osteomancer’s Son. I’m about a third through revising the first book, and I’ll take all the encouraging squee I can get!

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