A note about Kid vs. Squid availability

Hey, I’ve been hearing from people who’ve tried to order Kid vs. Squid from indie shops and been told it’s not available. To which I say, “Oh, by the Great Mollusk, it is DEFINITELY available!” But. There is an incorrect listing for an edition that actually doesn’t exist, and if your bookseller is only looking up that listing, then it can appear that the book, indeed, is unavailable. So. Here’s all the information you need for the correct edition. Getting the right ISBN is important. If people are just looking it up by the title or by my name, the incorrect, non-existent listing can pop up. My publisher is working hard to correct this error, but such corrections can take time to filter out to the bookstores.

And for those of you who’ve been persistent in your efforts to get the book, I can only thank you and hope you enjoy my little story about a kid and his superhero-wannabe friend and a princess from Atlantis and an ultra-powerful head in a box and jellyfish boys and lobster henchmen and bicycle-pedaled submarine and friendship and, yes, a very large squid.

Kid Vs. Squid (Hardcover)

By Greg van Eekhout

ISBN-13: 9781599904894
Published: Bloomsbury USA Childrens, 5/2010

2 Responses to “A note about Kid vs. Squid availability”

  1. Sarah Prineas

    Oh, the biggest GNAR of gnars. What a pain.

    Hopefully this will get sorted soon.

    • Greg

      Thanks. It breaks my heart a little when I think about people who actually WANT my book and go through the trouble of TRYING to buy it, only to be told they can’t.

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