A couple more reviews + Dozer

A couple more reviews just popped up on my medium-range scanners yesterday. (Short-range scanners are for incoming objects, such as rogue asteroids. Long-range scanners are for detecting Romulan incursions into the neutral zone. Medium-range scanners are for reviews.)

At Jen Robinson’s Book Page, a nice review of The Boy at the End of the World, which concludes:

The Boy at the End of the World is a quick, appealing read. It has an irresistible premise, a fully featured setting, a handful of strong characters, and an action-packed plot. I recommended it for middle grade and middle school readers, boys and girls. It’s a book that I would have read and re-read as a 10-year-old, and that I enjoyed today. It would make a great movie, too. The Boy at the End of the World is a keeper.”

And at A Wicked Convergence of Circumstances, a review of Norse Code, largely dealing with my treatment of the Norse myth, from which I pull these approving quotes:

Norse Code does some interesting things with Norse mythology. It also does some interesting thing for the urban fantasy genre in that it has a more serious feel to it than a lot of the urban fantasy I have read lately … Despite many humorous and silly moments, this is a fairly serious story, which is fitting considering it is about Ragnarok.”

“Kathy [the valkyrie] is a very strong, interesting character.”

And now, pictures of my dog, just because.

From Dozer
From Dozer
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