Little League

I only discovered Little League, like, seven minutes ago, but it’s already my new favorite comic strip. I love the adorabliosity of it, and I love the character designs and tone. The aged newsprint look of the gutters is a particularly nice touch. If DC’s smart, they’ll pay Yale Stewart to produce more strips and present them in a way that gives him a bigger audience. At the very least, they should leave him alone and let him continue.

See the Little League archive.


3 Responses to “Little League”

  1. Tim Pratt

    It was mildly entertaining. Then I hit “It’s like a brooding smorgasbord!” and now I love it.

  2. Eugene

    That one strip is all it took to hook me. I love how he adapted their personalities to a young age, especially Clark being super friendly. One of my favorite episodes of the animated Justice League Unlimited was the one where they were all turned into kids.

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