Above World

I know people are sometimes suspicious when they see books blurbed by friends of the author. That’s understandable. I was in the position with my first book of having to hunt blurbs from friends, and it made me feel squicky.

So, when I have the good fortune to read a great book in ARC form or in manuscript, and I am moved to think complimentary thoughts about said book, and I think a blurb from me might be even remotely, possibly, useful, I don’t wait to be asked. I volunteer, preferably directly to the author’s agent or editor. I don’t even necessarily expect anyone to use my blurbs.

As it turns out, this year begins with three consecutive months in which friends have books coming out bearing my blurbs. Last month, it was Winterling by Sarah Prineas (see what I wrote here). Next month, it’ll be Wide Open by Deb Coates.

This month (today, in fact), it’s Above World by Jenn Reese.

I wrote Jenn’s editor and said, in short, “Hey, I read Jenn’s book and I loved it, would you like a blurb?” and Jenn’s editor said, in sum, “Sure!” and I wrote a blurb and sent it to her and I was surprised and delighted when I saw it made the back cover. And here it is now in it’s original, unedited form:

Jenn Reese’s richly imagined future teems with biotech mer people and mighty centaurs, but her characters remain so very human, driven by friendship, love, and courage.  Above World delivers thunderously exciting action worthy of a summer blockbuster, but the battles and perils never get in the way of its universal story about growing up. I’d choose Jenn Reese’s characters as my companions on any adventure.

I really do think it’s a terrific book. I’m excited for Jenn, and I’m excited for all the readers, both kid and adult, who get to read it for the first time.

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