Hi. How are you? I am fine, thank you.

Well, hey, there, people of the world, or at least subset of the world that reads my blog, which is admittedly a very small subset but, to me, the most important one.

Really, I’m very much into you.

So, what’s been going on ’round these parts? Much the usual, but I suppose I can drill down and find some specifics:

1. I’m well underway on Book 2 of the Osteomancer series, but I think I kinda went off the rails a couple of days ago, so I’m making adjustments. I’m expecting edits on Book 1 very soon now.

2. My last freelance job ended last month, and I just started a new freelance job. Work is good for all the reasons work is good (mainly because it gives one the ability to buy stuff), but I’ll miss the blissful void of my days.

3. I bought this piece of art, which is a page of the comic book Red Robin by the fabulous artist Marcus To. If you’re not up on your Batman, Red Robin is Tim Drake, the third Robin, and possibly my second favorite Robin after Dick Grayson. Yes, I rank my Robins. I am not remotely the only one who does this, so you can just stop looking at me that way right now. Probably that link will go dead before long, since the page is no longer for sale, since I have it and it’s mine, mine, mine. Marcus To draws pretty Robins. Pretty Superboys, too. And pretty pianos. And pretty fish tanks. He’s really good.

4. So, as I’ve probably mentioned too often, I am very interested in writing comics. I would like to be hired by a company to write comics. But one need not wait for  permission to work, so, despite a lack of art skills, I made a tumblr where I’m posting my little one-page photo comics. It is here: Duck Monolith Comics. These are not really the kind of comics that I want to write, but these are the ones I can make without an artist. We do what we can.

How are you?

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