California Bones on the Tor/Forge blog

Hey, it’s the first official mention of my next book, California Bones, over at the Tor/Forge blog.

“A heist novel set in a grisly and fantastic alternate Los Angeles in which magical power is derived from what — or who — you eat … “

That’s a pretty good squib. The idea is that large parts of the world are controlled by osteomancers, sorcerers who gain abilities by consuming the remains of magical creatures. Los Angeles osteomancers benefit in particular from the La Brea Tar Pits, a rich source of fossils from mammoths, saber tooth tigers, griffins, dragons, and suchlike. But what happens when these magical resources start to dwindle? I’LL TELL YOU WHAT, CANNIBALISM, THAT’S WHAT.

California Bones isn’t one of my middle-grade novels. Ostensibly, it’s for adults. Not that kids won’t like it. But their parents might not.

No official release date yet, but I’ll be sure to scream it out when I have one.

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