Writing in 2022

There’s a large and not very cheerful discussion to be had about writing and publishing in 2022, but that’s for another blog post. This one is about what I wrote this year. Our value is not based on how productive we are, and as a writer, I don’t judge my year on how many words I wrote. But I’m a little proud of what I got done. So, here’s what I did:

Wrote and revised The Ghost Job, my next middle-grade novel, out in Fall 2023. It’s about young ghosts who do heists. The big job is a device that restores ghosts to life.

Wrote and revised a media tie-in novelization of a popular animated TV series.

Wrote another volume in the same series. I don’t know when either of these will be out, but I’m assuming some time next year. They’re both for the global licensing division of the corporation that owns these properties, which means they’ll be published globally, but not necessarily in the US.

Also wrote two picture books, a new category for me, and it was a very fun and also very challenging exercise. I hope to go on submission with one or both early next year.

So, rough estimate, this year I wrote about 125,000 or so words of new fiction, not counting revisions.  That’s A LOT for me, and probably pushing the edge of what I can do without burning out.

I also had a new middle-grade released, Fenris & Mott. And Weird Kid came out in paperback.

Already on deck for next year is another middle-grade novel with a first-draft due date of June, and also a final draft of one of the media tie-ins with final-draft due date in March. And my publisher will be releasing The Ghost Job in October.

I’m grateful I get to keep being a published writer for the time being.

Oh! Also posted my first fic on AO3. That’s all I’m saying about that!


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