A note on a sequel to The Boy at the End of the World

I absolutely love getting mail from readers. Sincerely, I do. If something I wrote moved a reader enough that they want to share something about their reading experience with me, I’m happier than the proverbial gull in an eel barrel.

Lately, most of the mail I get is in regard to my most recent published novel, The Boy at the End of the World. And the one question I get asked almost every time is if there’s going to be a sequel. While I truly believe the novel tells a complete tale with a proper conclusion, I did intentionally end the book by tossing a narrative thread out there in case I wanted to continue the story. But since my writing schedule is kind of booked for the next couple of years with the osteomancy series,  a sequel novel to The Boy at the End of the World not in the cards for the foreseeable future.

But maybe a novella? Maybe a short story? Something in an ebook-only format that I could control and publish myself and sell for cheap online? I think such a thing might be a good opportunity to start easing myself into being a hybrid author (an author whose DNA is part human and part ocelot, no, not really, I kid and josh, an author whose work is sold and distributed both by traditional publishers and through self-publishing).

Anyway,  if you’re one of those readers who wants more about Fisher and Protein and the other character I’m not naming in case you haven’t read The Boy at the End of the World, watch this space. Something might happen this year.

Also, I actually don’t know any proverb concerning a gull and an eel barrel. I totally made that up. It’s what I do.

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